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Ariel Juanwash

Brand Challenge

Ariel needed a campaign to drive sales of Ariel Power Gel (Ariel’s liquid detergent). Being the best but also the most expensive detergent in the market, it had yet to establish its relevance.


Consumer Problem

“Being manly” today in the Philippines is not just being “tigas (tough)”, but also being “tigasin sa bahay (tough one in the house who takes care of the chore)”, but men still find it difficult to satisfy his wife’s standard of clean. 


As the best detergent in the market, Ariel Power Gel makes it easy for men to achieve the clean that their families want.


Ariel is for every man to share their household's laundry responsibility while achieving a perfect clean.



Developed a campaign called #Juanwash, which becomes first laundry campaign featuring men in the Philippines. The effort was praised by a Vice President in the Philippines.

New Laundry Experts! Ariel Men Push for Gender Equality (12).jpeg
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